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How to measure customer lifetime value?

Below is an index for our series on customer lifetime value ("CLV") — we’ll keep this updated as we create new CLV-related posts. Here’s a link to the CLV model — feel free to make a copy and please share it with others.

  1. The Most Important Metric for Any Business — the nuts and bolts of CLV, how to calculate it, and how to avoid fooling yourself

  2. Maximizing CLV: Understanding the Key Drivers and Their Relationship — how to improve CLV and drive growth by inching all the drivers in the right direction

  3. Unlock the Power of Subscriber Economics — how much take-home cash we make every time a subscriber pays us and some useful napkin math

  4. The Backbone of CLV — the most influential driver in our CLV model: customer lifetime (i.e. subscriber decay curve)

  5. Measuring Retention and Making Your CLV Model Reliable — how to measure retention and make your CLV model more accurate

How to retain existing subscribers?

Here are the topics we’ve covered on how to improve retention:

  1. Growth tactics to retain folks that are on the fence about canceling.

  2. Better onboarding to connect new subscribers with your value proposition.

  3. Using audience surveys to identify your core audience and how to 10x the degree to which you solve their problem.

  4. Community-strengthening features (e.g., status, inside jokes) to encourage loyalty.

  5. Healthy habit-forming features (e.g., goals, streaks) to help folks reach their goals through your product.

  6. Battling credit card failures to reduce involuntary, payment-related cancels.

How to get new audience and subscribers?

  1. Driving Growth with Paid Ads — how to use our CLV model to set goals when making investments to drive growth (e.g., paid ads)

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